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Challenge #02144-E315: Terrifying Obstacles

(Person 1) (Quietly): So now we have to somehow get across this long metal hallway without making any noise. How are we gonna do this?

(Person 2): Pulls out (very long) rolled-up carpet from their backpack -- TheDragonsFlame

Marvin looked down at Lady Anthe and the carpet that was still unfurling down the metal hallway. "Really?" he whispered. "Are you prepared for everything?"

"I like to be," she whispered, grinning as the final tassels landed with a soft 'thwup'. It didn't set off a single alarm. "Carpet muffles, but it doesn't silence. Walk stealthily."

Wrathvine and Marvin nodded. Of course they had to tread carefully. This entire, labyrinthine warren was a wall-to-wall death trap. They had narrowly survived more than a few of them. They wanted, intensely, to avoid having to narrowly survive any more of them.

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