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The ball is rolling...

Perilously close to $200AUS worth of findings and assorted shiny things have now been purchased, and according to my inbox, they're coming in 19 separate orders.

I'm not kidding. Check this shit out:
[There's one more that didn't fit on my screen]

So between five business days and nine business days, all of the assorted crap I've purchased will be winging its way from factories in China all the way to my sunny shores.

Which will give me plenty of time to discover about earring cards and how to get them done up and if I want to do them for myself. Also, plenty of time to go have a real good look at that magnifying lamp they're selling for $60 at Aldi's.

There's an extra degree in complications because most people assume that earring cards are for pierced ear earrings, and they assume that all one needs is a tiny little hole. I shall not fret. I have time. And I have a local printer that might be okay with a small run of clip-on earring cards. We shall see.

Or I might surrender and send my first products out in plastic baggies. It all depends on the fuckit factor. And whether or not they fit nicely into the plastic baggies I already have.

Beloved and I have crunched our numbers, profit margins, and fudge factors. In order to pay for all the stuff that goes into them, postage, and my time, each pair is going to be $12.95AUS. And that's going to allow us to give customers a hefty postage discount, too.

In other news: I caught up with one of my beta-readers, last night. I actually bothered her in person. Her life has reached Overload Status again, so reading time is rare. Fingers crossed, her schedule opens up soon and I can get some tips. And finally firkin edit my draft of KFZ so I can come up with samples and start fishing for agents.

I'm three weeks away from finishing Adapting, which I'm thinking of adding Shayde in the 25th Century to... but that might be a little too much chutzpah for what could be my first novel.

I might race these two novels just to see which one hits print first. Of course, for all I know, I might have three unsold novels under my belt before I find someone willing to take me on.

Heaven help my sanity if that happens.