No Drama

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Climbing back up...

My mood's improved a lot. Yay. I'm not back up to 'normal', but I can feel I'm close.

Snuggle time and bubble time should help. And since it's a public holiday, I like my chances.

The general theism behind today says I shouldn't be working? I think? But I have a work schedule and the Powers once indicated I should be writing. Hint: never ask the Powers for a clear and undeniable sign. You WILL get one.

For the record - they're kind-of painful.

I shall keep to my schedule, anyway. My only real day off is Christmas.

The worst part about this long weekend is no chocolate until Sunday. I'm not sure I'll make it. I won't say 'no' to all the seafood, though.

Lovely stuff, seafood. I adore fish.