New Year's

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Saturday, New Year's Eve

I did my personal best 5K today. Kept up a good pace for most of it, too. Then, following brunch and cake, attempted to find a new keyboard/cover for my iPad Pro.

I got this thing in 2015.

Guess how often it's likely that the shops have a replacement?


Time to get one hand-crafted from Tanegashima.

That can wait. The old iPad is still useful even though I have to use the on-screen keyboard. I can edit anywhere with it and it does not cost us any extra.

I may be finding it easier to just pay for a version of GoogDocs that works offline for my Asus Lappy. Whichever is cheaper.

Which may mean that I will be using the iPad for arting in the near future. It all depends as to whether GoogDocs for the Asus will work as offline as the iPad does.

We shall discuss when my love and I are conscious in the same room.

Next year is the tenth year that I will be working on my daily flash fictions. Holy shit. Sometime in February is the anniversary of that thing.

Ten years is also the time window for the world to notice that I have been doing a thing. Do something for ten years, they say, and the world will notice. That's been my plan for so far.

I have no other ideas on how to advertise.

I really need to find some other ideas on how to get the word out.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, Day Zero, hey look I made it

Two new cases keeping the total case count up to eleven. All overseas visitors and captured in quarantine. But now we also have the virulent UK and South African strains to concern ourselves with. Huzzah. We already have enough people acting like Karens all over the place. Queensland's borders are definitely shut until NSW and Victoria get their fecal matter organised for once and for all.

If we all did what New Zealand did, this entire mess would have been over by

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Challenge #02511-F321: A Pound of Cure

I told you not to come here during New Years but nooooooo “I want to experience the culture there” and now we’re running low on stress relief medication -- Anon Guest

"In my defence, the cultural displays looked very pretty and relatively harmless," said Prrit. Ze was currently huddled under a big, soft blanket and had mufflers over hir tympanum. "They looked so pretty and the music was so nice."

"Mus--" Human Dee tutted and tisked. "You had the offensensitivity filters

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