New Year'S Resolutions

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So Long, 2020, and thanks for all the excitement

Now that we can truly appreciate boredom, I would like to invite all the calamities that visited us in 2020 to please rack off and never darken our doorsteps again. 2020 has been a LONG century and I'd rather not live in such interesting times for the rest of my life.

That said, just because the year from hell is over, doesn't mean that all the troubles and messes go with it. Three new cases have turned up from overseas, all in quarantine, but it still brings the total up to fourteen.

Fourteen potential Karens are languishing in Quarantine Hotels, perhaps getting fed horrible food and given every reason to get the heck out of there. Up to and including horrible hygiene in said rooms. I read the horror stories. I know what's up.

Speaking of horror stories, the Muppet's been putting pressure on the Repugnican House/Senate to object to, overturn, or otherwise hold up the legal votes on proven spurious fraud claims. He's spent the entirety of his Lame Duck period pardoning his mates and trying to find fraud. Well, they found fraud, but it's all by Repugnicans for the Repugnican party. Time to give up the bad joke, you annoying orange canker.

In the actual headlines:

  • Thousands in Victoria may have been exposed to an outbreak of the plague
  • Sydney Covid bride shares tearful apology now that she's been caught out
  • USA turns against Melania
  • One Karen gets someone fired over the way she chose to hold her cutlery??? WAT
  • Change to the Australian National Anthem has been accepted. Instead of "For we are young and free," we now sing "For we are one and free"
  • Scabbott accused of and cleared of flouting quarantine regulations on Sydney beach
  • One of the impacts of Climate Change is that the old methods of preventing massive bushfires no longer work
  • Tamworth couple caps off "crappy year" with $1Million lotto win

I've cleaned the house, I've made The Bikkie, and now I'm ready to get on with the story for today. But first - the goals of the year.

  1. Make a start on a new novel
  2. Find an agent and get a career going
  3. Enter all writing contests given by Tale Foundry
  4. Write a Year of Instants that contains ALL original content so I can try to sell it for actual income
  5. Perhaps even get back to doing my All Hallows' Reads

That's plenty of goals for one year, I think. Let's write something.

2013: My roundup (FWIW)

Okay, so 2013.

  • I made a resolution that I fucking KEPT for all but one day of the year, and that one’s excusable. (Holy shit!)

  • I wrote 180 000+ words for a trilogy

  • I also wrote 160 000+ words for another book in the same amount of time

  • Which means, if I suddenly decide to quit writing my instant stories [Not bloody likely. Relax, folks!] I can write well over 300K in the space of a year

  • I’ve

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