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First Look at New Nightcrawler in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Has Been Revealed

First Look at New Nightcrawler in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Has Been Revealed



First look at Nightcrawler, I mostly like it.


Hey, internutter, what do you think?

A clearer photo would be nice. I can't tell if that's a resizing disaster, those grody scarifications [God please NO! Never again! FFS that variant was nothing like the 'Crawler we know and love] or actual proper velvet FUR like he's supposed to have, dangit.

(pant pant pant)

In case my dear readers haven't guessed, I've been a Nightcrawler nerd since my tender teens. So that makes it roughly 30+ years of loving the fuzzy blue dude.

The hands and feet look WAY more real than the horrible things they made Mr Cummings wear. Yay. And it looks like his hair is the comics-faithful unruly mop of curls. YAY!

…I can kind of understand why the movies keep giving him claws instead of regular nails. It 'sells' the idea of demonic appearance a little harder. BUT… why, O sweet synchronicity, WHY do they constantly have to make it look like he has some kind of fungal infection going on? Can't have everything, I guess…

And speaking of Can't Have Everything - Why the everloving FUCK does Kurt's tail look like it came straight from the catalogues of Bad Dragon? [If you google it - it's NSFW. Just… look it up in private. What is seen cannot be unseen etc etc] What? Was a normal, serpentine and spaded tail not enough for you? Is it ribbed for her pleasure? [Have read and written fics that went there, folks!] Or is this a cunning plot to have the volumes of Nightcrawler erotica quintuple in size?


  • Australian actor. There's half a chance he'll fucking nail a proper germanic accent (Sorry, Alan Cumming, but yours was a teensy bit Hogan's Heroes)
  • Look may be more CGI than makeup - more realistic movement and look on screen
  • Actual glowy-look eyes


  • I want to see the high-wire costume, and so does about 90% of the estrogen-fuelled fandom :D
  • Poor actor may have those fangs-abounding fucking dentures again (WTF?)
  • 90% chance his interesting storyline will be fucking sidelined for more fucking Wolverine (GFDI!)

…you did ask, chaoswolf1982