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Challenge #01195-C100: Revenge on Holiday

Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution is having a 'Human Day off' sort of. what happens next? -- KnitNan.

She was discovering many things. First among them was that Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain were to be enjoyed separately. Second was that Pina Coladas weren't all that enjoyable for deities. Third... the world loved a generous tipper.

But without her working on her job, there was an interesting change in humanity.

She watched, idly sipping something rainbow-coloured and highly alcoholic. The man at the table was the sort of bootstrap-believing idiot who wrote "get a real job" in the tip section of his bill. But tonight...

Tonight was different.

Tonight, he did not harrass the waitstaff. Tonight, he remembered his manners. Tonight, he calculated the state-mandated minimum wage and, because they deserved it, rounded up to the next ten dollars per hour. And he gave them a real monetary tip. Not one of the fake bills that declared the waitstaff's true reward was in heaven if they accepted Jesus.

She watched him leave and thank everyone. And then give a fifty to the bum in the alleyway.

Nemesis left a generous tip and wandered along the New York streets. Everywhere she looked, people were being... nice. The usual New York traffic jams were conducted, not in a hail of honking and curses, but polite and genteel vehicle piloting. She even saw one man pay his cabbie, give a tip, and commence walking faster than the cars.

Nobody was angry with anyone else. Even the people on angry conservative talkback radio were seeing other people's points of view, today.

The world was a much nicer place.

Maybe the others had been right. She had been overdoing it.

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