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Challenge #02871-G314: Cause and Effect

Haiku can be strange

Five, seven, and five again

Refrigerator -- Anon guest

There were magnets with words on them. Yet another Human invention that could be used for long-term communication and yet was still used for random art. For instance, the poetic form on the communal chilled food store. A thing that described itself and was still a joke. Typically Human.

Companion Zue considered the words scattered around the magnetic surface, and thought about the message she might leave for the next person to come here and view.

Bugs are nutritious, was the first line. Zue felt accomplished. The hardest part was finding the right words, followed closely by rearranging them without interrupting other messages and art, because Havenworlders had trouble with magnets strong enough to cling to communal metal.

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