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Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I have to make certain my little darlings are off to their respective schools. Tomorrow, I am cleaning up the massive mess of post-shepherd's-pie and post-roast kitchen apocalypse. Tomorrow, I begin sorting out what the flakk this years' novel is about.

This is a first for me. I honestly threw B'Nar into the mix because it was another B-name planet that could be fun to play with. Welp. Now I'm about to have fun.

I stood in this swamp and now I have to slog through it.

But today? Today I'm planning to have one last slob-off.

Slightly impeded by the fact that it is flakking COLD this morrow.

It's so cold I have to wear a wrap over my Kigu. (Aside: About the 'wrap'. MeMum swears it's called a 'royana' but my spell checker and google can't find it. By that spelling or any other. Imagine a single-bed blanket that got bifurcated halfway through the longer axis and is now worn as a cloak/wrap thing. MeMum has a long history of mispronouncing words she's only read (eg: meh-neh-mic for mnemonic) and I have long suffered the consequences. Including the actual names of things. Shitty ASCII representation goes: [- ] where the horizontal dash represents the actual split. If anyone knows the actual name and spelling of this thing I will wrangle a guest star spot for you in the upcoming book. Or send you the biggest packet of Violet Crumble I can get my hands on. You choose.)

Wow. That was a rant. Odds evens that MeMum gets salty about that one. It's literally not my fault. It's my consequence. Rgh.

Anyway. Stories.

Bit off more than I can chew?

So my know-it-all brother-in-law, KIABIL for short, has written his first novella. Or at least, the first one that he's ready to share.

And for a first showing, I suppose, it is pretty good. The dude has a year of writing things under his belt. Meanwhile, I'm headed for year six of writing and nobody in my family wants to look at a single page of anything I produce.

Bitter? Of fucking course I am.

But now I'm obligated to read his.

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Shoutout to all those people who click the $0 option in “Pay What You Want” items. You have NO idea what goes into doing the...

Shoutout to all those people who click the $0 option in “Pay What You Want” items.

You have NO idea what goes into doing the thing.

[Or you’re completely broke, in which case, I forgive you]

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