Merry April 1St!

A 2-post collection

It's April 1

The pranks will be flying, but not here. Here, I'm what passes for serious.

On Tumblr, though, a friend and I are doing a collab for a prank. Instead of me doing the story and her doing the arts, I did the arts and she's doing the story. We shall see whether anyone else notices.

I bet they will.

The TangleBag(tm) is three stitches away from a complete top, and then I shall work out the handles. Huzzah.

I'm also squeezing in a thousand words a day for three days so I can potentially squeeze in some Java learning on Thursdays and Fridays. I need Java learning. My master file is getting enormous.

For now, there is a pending brat run, money run, and all the other minutia of mundanity. In most things, today is just another day.

New Lunar Opportunities

You have doubtless heard of rich people being able to buy ranch space on the bright side of the moon. And you’ve probably laughed at it. Stupid rich people, right?

Well, now’s the chance to get smarter.

We have been able to secure exclusive rights to the dark side of the moon!

It was surprisingly cheap. You have no idea how few folks wanted it. But where others see an unwanted territory, we see opportunity!

With a combined

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