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Challenge #03269-H360: Adopted by Potatoes

Their species is feline-like in origin. Several orphaned Skitty kittens start following them around, refusing to let the person out of their sight, getting distressed when the person is difficult for them to get to. -- Anon Guest

It was quite a thing to discover that one had been adopted by a small swarm of blobby potatoes. That was what Human Zeng would call them, but they were clearly Skittens. Skitty[1] kittens. They had also, very clearly, adopted Hurrasha as their parental.

They were LOUD when they got upset, and they got very upset when Hurrasha wandered too quickly away from them.

Some of the tiny hunters were willing to try climbing her legs. Hurrasha admired their tenacity. She gathered them into a basket so they wouldn't cry so much, and took them directly to the nearest Security personnel to be certain this wasn't stealing essential Station Staff[2]. It did not help that one of the 'blobby potatoes' was attempting to nurse on her.

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