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Challenge #02323-F133: And Then They Kiss

You cannot tell me that there wasn't at least a SMALL group of humans who took one look at the Karmorp'se and got super happy! There are people who LOVE horror movie monsters! I bet SOMEONE was excited! -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt references this thing for those of you who don't want to do an archive trawl]

Humans have an astonishing number of sayings about their own mating habits. Just one is: Love is many things, none of them logical. Many Humans will acknowledge that love is, indeed, strange. At least when it's coming from Humans.

The discovery of the Karmorp'se lead to three general reactions. The primary one being disgust since the species model represented a mangled Human zombie. Secondary were the jokers and comedians who immediately formed a thousand and one semi-polite and outright impolite forms of alleged humour based entirely around the Karmorp'se's appearance. Then, the third and most unlikely group of Human reactions surfaced. Those who, despite everything, still wanted to mate with them.

The more Galactic saying about Humankind is very true. If there exists a cogniscent body model, there is a Human somewhere that will wonder about the mating potential. They can, have, and will apply their genitalia to anyone. There is no such thing as a non-Human that is not attractive to some Human, somewhere. It was... amazingly shocking to everyone except the Humans.

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