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Challenge #03311-I023: Eggshell Crack'd

Why did this happen to Lillian? Why did she have to suffer? Why couldn't we tell her the TRUTH? These were things that went through the priest's and the acolyte's heads. But the Old One had told them. The girl had been half-god long before she "died", her mortal self burning away when the mana took over. The world was changing, they had to be able to move the spring to new safe places when the dark magi came. She was the new fountain. As immortal as magic itself, the Old One told them, she must never be told for her heart still held innocence. Still held kindness. And as long as she was encouraged to remain gentle, it would be easier to work with her when the time came to flee when the sounds of war came to the temple. The guards, the acolytes, the priests that guarded the fount still would do so, but now in a human's form. -- Fighting Fit

The Old One - Don't say hir name! - had called the entire situation "an embuggerance." As ze was wont to do when prophecies were involved. This one foretold a war, a vessel, and a new place where the font would spring.

They had never had a font who could hear them before, and that was how Lillian learned many things.

It was dangerous for them to learn cruelty, so the acolytes and servants did everything they could to be kind. They had to be ready for a war, so they all kept pouches of amber, just in case. The heroes would be their guardians, so they always had a welcome place in the temple. Danger loomed over the horizon like an oncoming thunderstorm.

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