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Challenge #03597-I308: The Land and its Lord Are One

Society is a massive tree. If those roots run deep, are healthy and diverse, the tree can stand for a millennia. But even for that society to grow, it needs a healthy, well-grown, seed. When the seed begins to rot, a tree will never flourish. -- Anon Guest

Elves began as arboreal creatures in the Plane of Magic, better known as Nanogh. When a population or two found their way to the Mortal Plane, they thought it pristine and unpopulated. They really should have checked. Especially when they hollowed out the corpses of sessilated Trolls to make their new homes[1].

Nothing starts a war quicker than discovering some pompous assholes have set up their homes inside your grandfather.

The only thing that stopped the war was the magical manipulation of a functional alternative. The Yggdrassi trees can hold an entire city's worth of Elves if they're old enough, but everything has to start somewhere.

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