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Challenge #03609-I320: Establishing Clear Boundaries

A brute of a man begins to try to touch Lilicoon against her will and will not leave her alone. Before Jay can do a thing, Lilicoon teaches this brute why you do not try to touch anyone against their will. Especially someone with the instincts of a wild feline. -- Fighting Fit

Jay only saw the last handful of seconds, but they were the most glorious seconds in their life.

Lilicoon raised her voice above and beyond her usual murmur. Nice and clear for the security feeds. "I told you, don't touch me!" and laid into a Human who was four times her body mass. It was in that moment that Jay learned she had kept a variant of her claws.

In evolutionary terms, creatures can either claw or grip, not both. To have retractable claws, one cannot grab, hold, or make tools. The Meyahndese put lie to this generality, with claws in the backs of their hands. Lilicoon had something similar, but far shorter.

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