Light and Dark

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Challenge #02447-F257: Solid, Documented, Scientific Evidence

There has been a new thesis being passed around about this development about a new transverse electromagnetic wave that move a supersonic speed, nothing can surpass it without a warp drive, and can pass through nearly everything. A human picked up the thesis and said “isn’t this just light?” Apparently the human was in part of the galaxy where many forms of life didn’t need sight. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to the Edge Territories. Things get weird. Havenworlders mingle with Deathworlders at their own risk. Livesuits are sold on the kind of hostile environment they could help the wearer survive, and the fragility of the being who could survive in there. Where the Pterops and Crystates are meeting with a specifically safe variant of Deathworlder known as Humans.

Things were doing well on a Galactic Standard Science Vessel registered as the Sciencer EVR890 as the combined Havenworlders went about their business, studying the universe. Monitoring emissions from the stars.

"What is this?" muttered Thyrk as she listened to her readings. "This is dung! How can an emission be both wave and particle based on differing observations?" Frantic and furious interface tapping. "I can not be hearing this. It can't be real."

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Challenge #00976-B245: Subverting the Assumptions.

The politics of light and dark are everywhere in our vocabulary… lightness and white is good and pure, black and darkness is corrupt and evil, the known is a safe and friendly comfort, the unknown is a strange and hostile thing to be feared…

So… subvert this, reveal whiteness and lightness as sometimes false and violent, and darkness as protective and healing, fear that which is known and find the unknown as natural and gentle, and so on.

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