Lewis and Arthur

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2) It smells fantastic. It does not taste fantastic. -- Gallifreya

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It had been a dark and stormy night. Now that it was a quiet and star-lit evening, Vivi had the job of helping Lewis calm down.

He never had liked thunder or lightning. And now that he was ectoplasm, he liked it even less.

Therefore, Vivi wandered the halls of their haunted house. She periodically stopped in her meanderings and said, "Are there any ghosts in here?"

At least until Lewis lied, "No."

This was where the book came into play. "Are there any ghosts that just need to escape life's troubles and read some Nancy Drew with me?"

Nancy Drew had always been his favourite. Though hardly anyone dared comment on his choice of reading material. Lewis had learned fast that a seven-foot teen with muscles like grapefruit and hands bigger than most people's heads could do whatever they liked without much fear of peer pressure.

The lure worked. Lewis edged out of his hiding place between the walls. He still looked terrified about the general state of affairs.

Vivi smiled. "I'll start. Then you can do the next chapter."

It wasn't long before they were snuggling and reading together. Storm long since forgotten.



Vivi glared blearily at the clock. Awful things happened at 3AM. Most of them being associated with herself not getting enough in the way of sleep.

One side of her bed was empty, and the other had Lewis hovering vaguely over it. The sheets had fallen through him again. Okay. Two things. Arthur couldn't sleep... and he was about to get into trouble.

Except... something smelled delicious.

Vivi decided to spare him certain death just for the smell, and journeyed down to the kitchen to see what was happening.

Arthur usually wasn't allowed to cook. Lewis said he just didn't know how to do it properly, but Vivi held the secret opinion that he'd probably overclock the toaster and make a robot out of the oven.

This time, he had actually cooked something.

"Why are you cooking at three in the morning?" she croaked.

"I had an idea," grinned Arthur. This would be the only explanation she could comprehend before her brain kicked into gear. And it was way too early for anything like that.

"Uhuh? Is this one of those ideas that bite you in the ass or a Holy Shit idea?"

"Uhmmmm... you know I have trouble telling."

O crap. "It's too early in the morning for this," she croaked.

"Just try one of these and see if I'm right."

It was brown, lumpish, and looked vaguely like a cookie. It smelled like Heaven on a really superlative day. Vivi risked a bite.

Unfortunately, it tasted like a big mistake. The unholy progeny of a camel turd and an ashtray.

"Ur yuck," she whined. "Why?"

"Remember those kids who egged the house after we gave them candy?"

O yeah. "They'd deserve these," she mumbled, discretely spitting out her mouthful into the trash. "Serves the little bastards right."

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