Last Contact

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Challenge #03198-H289: I Am Not Here, I Did Not Die

There are many stories of first contact, what about a last contact? When a species is so doomed that no technology could help them recover? -- Alex

We are the Elm, and we are dying. We have accepted this, and send this to you. By the time you translate this message, we will likely be gone. Do not mourn for us, as we have had enough of mourning.

No grand mistake has caused this end. We have merely reached the end of ourselves. All things must end. Civilisations, empires, species... everything that begins comes to a close. Soon, perhaps very soon for you, you can say what we were.

Do you believe, as we do, that a thing is not dead so long as the name is spoken? Be it a person, an empire, or a peoples? We can only hope you do.

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