King Arthur

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Challenge #01832-E008: Rightwise Born... er... Monarch?

"Whomsoever shall pull this sword from the stone is rightwise born King of England."

"Oh! Lookie! I've pulled it out," she said. -- Anon Guest

She was short. She had the sort of chubbiness born of years of feast and famine, with the body deciding to set up ample stores in case of famine. And she was clearly a scullery maid in the entourage of one amongst the many knights, ne'er-do-wells, and nonesuch that had gathered to try their luck.

The maester of ceremony turned to the wizard who had set this all up and said, "Merlin? A word?"

Several knights demanded that the once and future Queen put the sword back so they could make certain it wasn't a trick. Maisy did so without complaint as the maester and Merlin went out of earshot. But they still all clearly heard the maester's voice as he screamed, "YOU SAID YOU HAD ALL OF THIS SORTED!"

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