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Challenge #02283-F093: A Lie For the Lye

The human smiled wickedly. "You know what they say about a man with nothing to lose?" -- Anon Guest

His name was Marvin. He was a little bit hopeless, when it came to social interaction. He had started as a fighter in the sway of a bad gang, belittled for everything he said or did. Since he swapped teams, he had grown. Physically, mentally, emotionally. He was still pants at social interactions but the rest of his team were there to help.

Except... not now.

Wraithvine had literally vanished with the Mage Lord's last spell. Steelfoot was disarming the world's biggest trap, attached to the world's biggest literal powder keg. She had said the Last Words[1]. Now Lady Anthe had fallen and he was all that was left. He had nothing left. Nothing but himself, his cantrips, and the axe with the Hazel wood handle that was his casting focus.

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