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Salutations and Best Wishes to you, my dear readers

What you are witnessing is a brand new blog to combat the inanities of what the bromonkeys at Tumblr are calling "design". Frankly, I'm moderately certain that a crowd of pre-schoolers could do better. I mean, Beloved managed to whip this up literally overnight.

Pretty, isn't it?

And Beloved ported ALL of my Tumblr posts over including the "going dark" message that was my last Tumblr post.

Managing prompts is going to be interesting. So far, the mechanics include "go to the menu" in the upper left corner... and the menu only contains "home".

We still have some jiggery-pokery to do.

Stand by for further news, dear readers. It's bound to be incoming. I am now going to poke around and see what, if anything, I can fuck up.

Addendum: Well, I can add links. Yay. The menu now has content. Still working on importing prompts or adding a "submit" or "ask" feature. And I may have a "sponsor me" donation deelie later on if I decide that it's ethical.