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Why the X-Men aren't putting on musicals anymore.


“Okay, so let’s recap. The lead’s got ‘lurgi’, our soprano has a frog in her throat from the same thing, our harpist is having a nervous breakdown..”

“Fifth this week,”

“And thanks to a fight in the school grounds, the tenor has a broken arm.”

“That and the costumes have gone missing, the lighting’s mis-wired, half the backdrops have been accidentally used by the local kindergarten as a mural, and someone’s meticulously disassembled the props.”

“Do we have a show left?”

“We could probably do A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum… in a pinch.”

“Nothing beats impromptu costumes like togas.”

“…is it me, or did we do Forum last year?”

“For the last three years.”

“You know what? Fuck it. We’ll just do a talent show.”

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The Jagerkin: who knew they had such a passion for matchmaking? (and such a lack of talent at it)?


“He iss boy, hyu iss gorl. Vhat more could hyu vant?”

“How about a pulse?” she indicated the man in question. A rather well-preserved mummy in their current oubliette. He had fantastic bone structure, but then… all he was was bone structure. “Or flesh?”

“Hokay, so he needs a liddle of de fixink opp. Since vhen is dot new?”

“I don’t have the equipment, and I’m not exactly certain he’ll be worth the bother. That, and I’ll

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