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Challenge #03117-H208: Incidental Damages

"Aw, c'mon! We're all human here, you can loose the livesuit."

"I have a potentially contagious skin condition. Sharing this? NOT caring."

"Oh. Uh. Oh."

"Yes, I've been to medical. Yes, it's being treated. And yes, the itching is slowly driving me insane." -- Escla

"Is it related to the livesuit or--" Roy trailed off. How to politely ask how someone caught something they couldn't help was not in the Social Ed classes. He was at a loss, and circled his hand around the verbal void.

"Remember that Deregger stopover planet I came from?" Dex absently scratched, causing his livesuit to squeak annoyingly. "They had a pool. I made the mistake of thinking it was safe to go swimming."

Roy winced. "Ooof. Yeah. Never trust anything from a Deregger stopoff. How's it progressing?"

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