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Challenge #03748-J095: Attempted Destruction

Know this: the unperishable pervades all; the all enduring cannot be destroyed. It has given birth to all world. And this you must understand: I am both the world’s origin and its destruction. -- Anon Guest

Darkness, a great wise one said in years past, is the fastest force of reality. No matter how fast light may travel, the darkness is already there and waiting. It will be there long after the last photon dissipates into nothing.

Darkness... waits.

But there are times when it gets a little impatient. Whenever a light grows close to dying, it comes to attempt an acceleration of the process. It can't actually walk the surface of a world as an anthropomorphic personification. Instead, it filters into minds ready for it.

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Challenge #03503-I215: Gunboat Immunity

A species is found that is immune, not only to the immunoflu, but to all other known diseases. Their immune systems are insanely adaptive and very quickly, once one being contracts and survives an illness, the entire species soon develops the same adaptation. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In humans, being apparently immune to everything is an early warning sign for Multiple Sclerosis. Not recommended]

Of course they were Deathworlders. Havenworlders wouldn't have a reason to have such an immune system, and those

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