I woke up at haf-past midnight and I still have yet to feel sleepy

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Before you ask - yes, I successfully cleaned off the table. It was a royal mess. From now on, only organised mess is allowed there. I will keep only the things I really need on the table [eg: seed beads and the findings I am using that day] and the rest of it will be off to the side in a Milk Crate or something. Assuming I can find a full-sized Milk Crate that I don't have to purloin.

All the ones in the Itty Bitty Bins line are too small. And having cardboard lying around encourages cockroaches.

I might also have to get my own extension cord. Because the power points in this house were not planned for nerds who need everything plugged in. IF I ever get another house, at least one room is going to have a dedicated power strip. Fuck it. ALL the rooms in my fantasy house are going to have dedicated power strips. So there.

In my dreams, I am a bajillionaire, and I can do what I want.

Meanwhile, in reality, Beloved and I have plans to go see the nice people at the Apple store about a $600 strap-on brick they sold us. Yes, my iWatch is busted beyond our ability to press buttons on it and all it can do is show me a BSOD. In this case - the Black Screen Of Death.

I'm temporally challenged, but I'm pretty sure I've had this thing for less than six months. That's beyond shonky. If you sell me a watch for $600, I expect it to be made entirely out of diamonds or to last the rest of my life. And maybe some other generations as well. This has done neither.

Beloved is mostly backup. Well. They paid for this thing. And pretty much the same ideas might be in their head. I dunno.

Apple might give us their favourite run-around. Make an appointment. Turn up on time. Have your appointment get "mysteriously" un-noted despite using both the app and two free roaming vapours er... sales assistants to help make note of it. Make a noise in a nice loud voice so that you finally see an expert about an hour late.

Okay, so that only happened once, but by gum, it was a pain in my anatomy. And it's been my only experience at wrangling help out of an Apple store. Let's hope the second one doesn't follow the first.