I Want A Pillow Fort And A Billion Tissues

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Running around in circles…

Trying to get The Amity Incident capital-n Noticed by some nice famous people.


  1. In order to gift something from Smashwords, I have to know the recipients’ email
  2. Celebs don’t give out their emails to random hacks on the internet because reasons
  3. Very good reasons
  4. Like everyone and their kid brothers’ dog spamming them with bullshit
  5. There’s no such thing as a private tweet so I can’t go that route
  6. About the only thing left is snailmail and we all know how well trying to send something to another country goes [Hint: might as well put vouchers for free books into bottles and chuck them into the ocean]
  7. Plus there’s a high liklihood it would wind up in a landfill, anyway
  8. I have to Know a Somebody to get Noticed
  9. I have to Be a Somebody to know a Somebody
  10. I have to get Noticed to be a Somebody

Is it me, or is it inherently impossible for a plebe like me to get anywhere?