I Know It Will

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Okay. I can do this.

Ever had one of those days when inertia feels like the better option?

I'm feeling the thrall of soft pillows and warm blankets. And maybe a big burly bloke named Bruce to straighten my spine out for a change. And his "good pal" Sven to work the knots outta my muscles.

...ah, fantasy...


What I want to do and what I must do are two different things. Despite the fact that lounging around all day and scrolling through Tumblr is way more alluring than... you know... doing stuff. I have to tell myself that doing the stuff quickly and efficiently gives me more time for lounging around and not doing shit.

My brain ain't buying. It wants the not doing shit now and paying paying the piper later.

One more fanfic... and then I get to work.

Just one won't hurt1.

  1. Yes it will, and I refuse to acknowledge this.