I Fucked Up

A 3-post collection

I fucked up yesterday

So let's see.

  • I procrastinated past posting my blog
  • I forgot my meds
  • I spent all the rest of the day writing nonsense and got zero learning done

I did also get to see Shazam and I am rather proud of the representation they had in there. It's managed to dodge a whole bunch of tropes I despise like a bunny on a bender. There are large volumes of ManBoy humour and it freaking works.

I had worried that the disabled kid would be used as a Miraculous Minority to only have lines when our abled hero needs a pep talk or perspective. That didn't happen. This kid was allowed to be a kid who happened to need a cane to get around.

All kids in this movie were allowed to be their characters. The POC failed to be stereotypes, the fat kid was NOT shown constantly eating, and we actually had a married, compassionate, power couple on the screen and they were adorable together.

Watch. This. Movie.

It is fun, there's a learning curve for our hero, including how to not be a douche, the grown actors portraying kids act very much like their junior counterparts, and they took out all the stops. It's a very satisfying movie for me. Especially the end. Stay for the end.

Today... I remembered my meds, and I'm going to focus on the storywork so I have a window to learn some more Javascript.

Every little step forward is progress.

I'm two inches into the second handle of the TangleBag(tm) which means it might be a usable item soon. I'm nervous about this.

Onwards to trying hard for today.

So I fucked up. Again

I'm busy trying to be rational towards my anxiety, and it's not exactly working. I've made mistakes with my narrative choices before. It should be no big deal.


Except I've done this twice in the space of one month and I'm normally more careful about this kind of thing and, like the impending speeding ticket in the red tape stage of landing on me, I'm afraid this will somehow wreck my life plans.

Screwing up stories by saying things sideways or

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Well, I fucked up

See yesterday's late text post for the details.

My brain, as the Thomas Dolby song says, is like a sieve. I can forget things at an unknown frequency. I've always had memory trouble. From my days at school to the present. I forget things. I only recall when something else reminds me.

I once forgot to get my medication before a string of public holidays and had to go to hospital because nowhere else was open to sell me meds on the

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