I did nothing productive...

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Whoopsy again

I didn't do a gosh-darn thing towards my goals, yesterday. I had an enormous nap after I finished my writing. And a bout of intestinal disaster or two.

The good news for me is that that noise seems to be coming to an end. The really good news is that I'm a mere 5 kilos away from my goal weight of 70 kilos.

Not that I'm endorsing the Tummy Bug diet. That's just bad news. It's totally unhealthy, don't even think about doing it.

On the other hand, I have not been hitting the nuts as often as I used to, since I switched to Macadamias as the snack of choice, I've had less incidences of random hunger pangs.

And of course we have a nifty new egg boiler, so I have a new quick and easy avenue for low-energy-cost snacks/meals. And if you're doing keto, eggs are like the perfect anytime food.

My loyal followers may have noticed an extra link in my story posts. I'm trying to get Patrons so I can garnish my income and finally -maybe- be able to contribute to the running of my house. Being a Patron is not necessary to the process of prompting me. Being a Patron is an optional extra.

I'd like people to choose that option, of course. That would be very nice of folks.

And since I've just realised it's illegal for me to make money off of fan works, I can't really show y'all the video-in-progress on my Patreon. Even if I let you see it for free. I still plan on making a hi-def version of the WIP, but it has to be shared for free now. Dangit.

And I will be adding support-me-links in the dooblydoo. When I publish that noise.

But for just now... I owe y'all a story.