Human Companions

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Challenge #03687-J034: Mutually Assured Devotion

"You need to stop and get some sleep!"

"Aw, just one more page?"

"We have work in the morning."

The human grumbled, put the book away, sighed, and fell asleep almost as soon as their head hit the pillows.

"Silly, sweet human, you look after us, and we look after you." -- Anon Guest

Humans, though they may deny it, need their Companions. Humans are rough around the edges, tough against many opposing forces, and many have a gruff demeanour. This is all true.

They are also very silly creatures who can forget where they put small, everyday objects.

Make no mistake, we love Human Can. She's the team mother, everyone's BFF, and can get obsessive about things to the point of self-detriment. She takes care of us, she cares for us. And we care for her. She needs it.

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