History Repeats

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Long Monday, History Repeats

This time, we have ample warning of a new rash of plague threatening to sweep the nation. And this time, there's absolutely no motion to try and quell the tide.

Everyone's fucking given up and it's going to kill so many people.


I'm going to have to spend even more time in isolation because of those maskhole knomiras who don't care what happens to anyone else so long as THEY don't get consequences. Well, my dearies, Death doesn't have a manager and you can't tantrum your way out of Long Covid.

I shall be writing my tale and then having a napnap before moving forward with the PLN of the day. Getting shiznit together so Miss Chaos has NDIS. Yay.

Along with all the regular and semi-regular nonsense, of course.

I will be streaming soon. The rest happens whenever.

Challenge #02622-G065: One More Lesson

The Great Chinese Famine (from Wikipedia)

"I went to one village and saw 100 corpses, then another village and another 100 corpses. No one paid attention to them. People said that dogs were eating the bodies. Not true, I said. The dogs had long ago been eaten by the people."

(Yu Dehong, secretary of a party official in Xinyang in 1959 and 1960)

It is widely believed that the government seriously under-reported death tolls: Lu Baoguo, a Xinhua reporter in Xinyang, told

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Challenge #02012-E188: Human Inhumanity

Spies are sent to earth, disguised as historians, to find earth’s weaknesses and strengths. Know thy enemy and all that, but they who know the past control the future.

To see what these people have done to each other... They are horrified at what they find. -- Anon Guest

So far, Terran colonies were the only civilisations interested in any kind of negotiations with Earth. And even then, those negotiations were lawsuits. Some of the bolder civilisations were starting to wonder

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