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Challenge #01313-C218: No, You Got it Wrong

This is a quote from a Robert Heinlein story. "Always have your pants, your shoes, and your gun where you can find them in the dark." -- Anon Guest

[AN: I fixed your typos, Nonny]

The patient came in with a limb injury. Relatively harmless, but perplexing in the entry and exit trajectory. What added further confusion was the fact that they had a side-arm tangled in their toes, and a white-knuckled grip on one of their boots.

There was some evidence that it was a self-inflicted wound.

They were drugged out of their mind, but they were still mumbling, "Heinlein was wrong," as if that was the most important information to impart.

Medik Tress sedated them into safe unconsciousness and got on with sorting out the mess. Assistant Neve was the one who published the puzzle to the info-nets for a solution.

Which came after the patient was safely in an ICU drawer. It was cryptic, and came from Ambassador Shayde.

What did she mean, Not in the same pile?

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