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Challenge #01655-D194: Expensive Reactions

On the topic of "Humans are Insane," I present: Every chemist who has ever willingly worked with something that ended up in the "Things I Won't Work With" guy's articles. Please note, many of said chemists were attempting to come up with new, better, rocket fuel, so it was designed to be highly explosive from the get-go.

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Humans are recognised as patently unkillable across the Galactic Alliance. But even with their gung-ho attitude towards things animate and inanimate that are venomous, poisonous, or otherwise dangerous, there are actually things that humans prefer not to do. Lots of them involve violent chemical reactions.

Those who continue to invoke those chemical reactions are... unique.

They turn up to work in flame-retardant armour padding, and don the armour-plated livesuit that they work in with an air of grim determination. Every day, they step into their re-enforced laboratory as if they know that they may not walk back out. And this might be true. Humanity has made a career out of finding ways to blow up its mortal enemy - humanity.

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