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Challenge #03469-I181: Strange Bedfellows

Yes I am Human. Yes I am marrying a Bugbear. We don't care what you think! -- Anon Guest

Everyone thinks that Bugbears are goblinoids created to be the violent enforcing arm of goblin rule. However, their temper is entirely understandable. Goblins are furless tunnelers distantly related to both lizards and Dragons[1]. Hobgoblins are only a little larger than their extremely prolific cousins.

Bugbears average out at eight feet tall.

Once all three goblinoid people banded together, it was the Bugbears who encountered a world not made for them, and one that refused any kind of accommodation. You try repeatedly banging your head against doors, walls, and ceilings and see how happy you are about it. Another thing to consider is that Bugbears are the only goblinoid adapted for colder climes, and thus bear a thick coat of fur. The rest of the goblinoids prefer very warm places indeed.

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