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Challenge #02650-G093: Graduation Epiphany

"Even when it makes you feel lost and confused; every good soldier, officer, teacher, or parent dreams of seeing the day they aren't needed anymore." -- SilverRey

Every little bird flies from its nest. -- Elven saying.

Marvin hadn't noticed when Lady Anthe and Wraithvine left. They didn't bid him a farewell. He had just been busy with Steelfoot and improving the lives of the people in Lower Petraine. Marvin realised they were gone when he had finished making a home for himself and Steelfoot and some of the orphans they had both adopted in the process.

His friends weren't there.

They hadn't been there for some time. Months, perhaps. Lady Anthe and Wraithvine had essentially left him to his own devices and left a note in safekeeping for the day he missed them.

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