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Challenge #03069-H161: Steep Repair Work

Hello InterNutter, long time reader, first time poster here. I was wondering if you could give us the other sides' view on this? How the parents, and students, felt and viewed things as they were being forced to watch the videos showing their actions and her pain? What the CRC's reaction was seeing something like that happen in their schools? How the witnesses who watched the trial, and the others following with the timeline, reacted to it all? How the administrators thought and felt as they were faced with the enormity of the crimes they committed against an innocent child?

And also, did Barbara finally recover and become that bright, happy, girl again? Though we both know, emotional scarring never, ever goes away, not with pain of that magnitude. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hello and welcome to the process, Nonny. I hope you enjoy whatever comes out next]

It was a slow death by papercuts, in its way. There was nothing wrong with displaying fear of a Deathworlder. Children were allowed to express themselves, so long as they didn't cause provable harm. That was the rule. None of the teachers saw anything beyond a natural reaction to an unwelcome Deathworlder in their midst.

Many of those same teachers hadn't wanted to integrate with those mad balding monkeys in the first place, so some of their disregard for the finer points of the balance was... deliberate. None of it could be proven so, and skating on that thin ice was an art that many latched on to.

Now... the harm could be demonstrated. Lingering psychological scars, even in a species agreed to be insane, were a bad thing. Some insisted that the Deathworlder deserved it. Some fell silent about the entire matter, attempting to hide from notice. Many avoided Barbera, but far more quietly than before. Only a bare handful were remorseful enough to attempt... friendship.

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