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OMG stop me, I'm nightblogging!

Feel free to step on me, but I keep wondering…

…is Airman Higgs actually Bill Heterodyne in disguise?

Think about it:

  • He knows a lot about Mechanicsburg

  • He acts like he knows the Castle

  • He’s stated he’s “undercover”

  • He knows ALL about Mama Gkika’s

  • He can deal with just about anything and bounce back

  • He’s completely unflappable

You’d think that Bill Heterodyne would have seen a lot of Sparky madness [not to mention being completely at home with the Castle] as well as viewing the Mechanicsburg defenses on more than one occasion. Plus, he heals very quickly [Jaegerbrau?].

…that, and he has the same kind of quirky hair as Agatha :)