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Tarvek + a frilly maid outfit - do with it what you will. geekhyena (#00163) "Monster delivery!" sang the maid as she entered. "That's...

Tarvek + a frilly maid outfit - do with it what you will.


“Monster delivery!” sang the maid as she entered.

“That’s a monster?”

“That’s a maid?”

The red-head curtseyed. “F’give me sir, but I was told to deliver this green beast to this lab.”


“I did not order a monster.”

“Nor did I.”

“Probably a mix-up at the warehouse again.”

“You stay here -ah- miss. We’ll sort this out in due course.”

Sara stepped out of the cage and spat out her false teeth. “So much for the obligatory stupid guard.”

“Remind me again why *I* had to be the maid?” demanded Tarvek.

“You look cute in the little cap. That, and that frilly little scrap was not my size.” Sara gave him an appreciative measure up and down with her eyes. “And you have *lovely* legs.”

“Can we get ON with this?” Tarvek hollered.

Sara gathered supplies from the false bottom of the cage and vanished towards the enemy’s achilles’ heel with a gleeful little giggle.

“…lovely legs…” Tarvek muttered, beginning to stomp as angrily as he could manage in high heels to their mutual target. He passed a mirror, and couldn’t help but look.

“Damn right I do,” he said, and sashayed onwards.

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