Get the Finger Out

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Waiting for things to be organised

I should be getting used to this. My entire life has been waiting, more or less, for others to catch up. When I want to do something, I am entirely gung-ho about it. I will fly completely off the handle and be hell for leather about preparing.

Meanwhile, everyone else is like that tortoise from Merrie Melodies.

Which makes me stress out because the thing I am doing feels like the most important thing in the world to me.

Free Baby has been nearly ready to go to Amazon for TWO MONTHS. All I'm waiting on is for Beloved to do the bit-wrangling necessary to transform one file into a multiple of files.

I should behave myself and focus on prepping and publishing last year's Year of Instants so I can make them a series. But I got derailed by a certain Best Band Ever and a hens-teeth-rare opportunity to see them in person.

Now I'm back home with nothing better to do than to grouse at my family, so I should probably get that finger out of my divot and bloody buckle down for a change.

Who knows? Someone may give me a lot of money for it.

HA! Who am I kidding? A bunch of you are going to elect to pay $0 for it. And for the rare few who chose to give me actual dollars - I love you.

The pittance I get from my books is usually enough to bail us out of the current economic scrape we find ourselves in because we are technogeeks and we love our shiny objects. One day, it might be more than a pittance and we can get some of those shiny objects with my book earnings. Sigh. One day...

Best to get on with it, no?