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Challenge #02726-G169: Only Two? Since When?

A: are you a guy or a girl?

B: yes

A: no, what’s in your pants

B: 1.50 and some lint

A: ok, what’s in between your legs?


A: alright then guess my race

B: human

A: why yes but actually no -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't think any decent person would actually utter the words "what's between your legs" because that's way too intimate a question for casual conversation. Person A in the above interchange is unbelievably rude]

Not every meeting between Humans and members of the Alliance is easy. There are a rare few when some participants seem to refuse to get along without passing ridiculous levels of intimacy. Some Humans, the Alliance was learning, were just too curious about certain aspects of other life forms. Once a common language is established, certain aspects must be categorized in order for civilised behaviour to progress.

This involved a large number of uncivilised questions.

The Terran Colony was initially mis-translated as Prominent Grass, owing to a miscommunication based on phonetic translation. The Humans there had a rather rigid view of their own bizarre biology, and a willful opposition of scientific evidence that opposed their opinions. In all other aspects, they appeared to be relatively progressive for Deathworlders, but appearances are often deceiving.

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stfueverything: It's amazing how some people think sexual orientation and/or gender identity is a choice, yet men objectifying and/or...


It’s amazing how some people think sexual orientation and/or gender identity is a choice, yet men objectifying and/or raping women and girls is “totally natural.”

Men hate being generalized, but will freely compare their own gender (including themselves) to sharks and starving dogs with the “meat suit” analogy.

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Six Key Issues for Intersex Health

Six Key Issues for Intersex Health




From OII Australia:

Issue 1: An end to non-consensual infant genital surgery

  1. OII opposes all cosmetic (non-essential) surgery on infants without their full and informed participation in decision-making and their agreement.
  2. There is no solid evidence that infants are advantaged by genital surgery and absolutely no

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Dear Haters

You need to stop. Seriously. Anger destroys yourself, your family and the things you care for. While I understand that you have an innate fear/dislike of everything “different”, I have to impart some shocking news.


There is “average”, which is a nebulous enough to encapsulate a group, but the “average” person is brown, a little under 6 feet tall, most likely bi and not christian. Shocker,

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