Forty-seven Years

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My age is a Gilbert and Sullivan lyric

How long have I lived?

::aria pose:: (sings) Forty-seven years! Forty-seven years...

::returns to normal:: Yes, folks, I am part of the Pirates of Penzance for exactly one trip around the sun. Yay?

I gorged on sushi, last night, finishing up with cake and ice cream. This morning, I woke at 1AM with a panic attack. Fun.

I still can't easily get back to sleep, so I used the opportunity to get halfway along in Episode 14 of Inter-Mission. I should start working on episode 15 real soon now, too.

Not today, though.

Today, since I managed to finish off this week's 3K words, I will only be producing the Instant for the day, and then faffing about on more enjoyable pursuits. Translated: Fanficcery and maybe working on a smidge more of Inter-Mission if I actually feel like it.

Right now? I'm going to get my work out of the way and potentially breakfast on Hägen Däs. It's my birthday. I get to enjoy the shit out of it.