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Saturday, Parkrun First!

I did the whole 5K for the first time in ever! YAAAAAYYY!

I will probably regret tomorrow. Today, I am proud of myself.

I shall be streaming, and then joining my Beloved for a nap. We hadn't got enough sleep, last night so catching up is priority.

I want some sleep, but I also don't want to be streaming closer to tomorrow.

Onwards towards that goal.

Challenge #01708-D247: Everything You Need

Swiss Army knife, multi tool, or the ever useful paperclip. -- Anon Guest

Every nerd who ever entered the sciences has a First Microscope. Some even kept their First Computer. More than a few kept their First Telescope.

Firsts are important. And for JOATs, it's their First Multitool. Preserved and maintained. Usually kept on display, because a great Majority of JOATs go a little wild and choose the option with the most apparent versatility. And, co-incidentally, the most weight.

Almost all of

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