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Friday Already?

Mayhem's going to school to finish up the final things. Chaos is just going to school. I have to juggle my thousand words, Instant Story, minific du jour, and bratfetching this afternoon.

At least I don't have to drive into the Valley to play D&D until nearly firkin midnight.

I got a good sleep. I'm taking my proper pills. I'm doing everything I can to be certain I'm rested. And yet... Every. Single. Morning. I wake up firkin tired.

GD anxiety.

In other news, Beloved has paid me back the $4K once owed because payoff from the sales of Betting Incorporated to Betting MegaGloboCorp.

We will owe tens of thousands to Mr Taxman as payment for being so nice to us last time, and we can deal with that. PLNs that were once gas can still be implemented even after Mr Taxman has taken his cut.

With luck and good fortune, we can make the kinds of investments that secure greater profits for the household down the road. Which will mean that our little darlings will have more chances down their road etc. etc.

One to two steps up per generation. With good luck and hard work. Upward mobility is possible, just... really slow and knowing how to skate past all the gatekeeping.

I despise gatekeeping in all forms. May my descendants remember this for the rest of time.