Finding Solutions

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Contemplating fixes

I've been working on an SPG lorefic for... well... quite some time. Ever since I posted that free plotbunny a while ago. It's getting immense. As fanfic is wont to do.

It's so immense that when I try to export it to my inbox, it cuts off just as Iris is trying to coax Peter into eating human food. (tiny spoilers)

I'm way past that bit. Way, way, WAY past that bit. I haven't done a word count, yet, but I'm fairly certain that it's at least a novella by now.

My solution options for getting this entire beast into my computer include:

  • Cutting out all the bits I've already mailed myself and hoping for the best (laborious)
  • Trying to copy/paste the entire epic into an email to myself (not quite as laborious but still a pain)
  • Trying to export it to myself via Telegram (will annoy Best Beloved worse than sending them a copy of the Bee Movie script)
  • Copying everything into a Google Doc (just as painful as copy/pasting by other means)
  • Export by docking with my compy (excruciating because I only have two ports in my USB hub and I will have to swap between keyboard and mouse)

Selecting text on an iPad is painful because you have to drag one end of your selection through the entirety of your document. One slip, one fumble, and it's all gone.

At least with my first option, I don't run the risk of fluffing up the original document. And exporting by docking also promises to not fluff up much. But it will be a pain in the butt.

I'll consult with Beloved. And one of my more tech savvy friendos. There might be a way to unbugger my conundrum with settings fiddling.

Oh me Feet

The problem with the daily grind [or at least, my version of it] is that once my shoes are on, I don't take them off. Which means that, by the time I have the opportunity to treat my feet, I lack the energy to do so.

And I'm grumpy when my feet hurt.

Which makes shopping for anything a trial for Beloved because I whinge a lot. Even when I don't mean to whinge, I whinge. And whingeing drains Beloved like a

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