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Challenge #03923-J271: Good Game, Friend

The massive, plated, deathworlder asked to fight the human. The other humans warned their friend to go easy on the being. The being sneered at the soft, squishy, opponent. They learned that humans are... a lot more dangerous than their soft, smooth, appearance, with no fangs or claws, make them appear to be. -- Anon Guest

No matter how big and strong you are, there is always someone who can whip your ass. There is, as the saying goes, always a bigger fish. Defender Xoan would never believe that that 'bigger fish' was a squishy Human half their size.

They would learn differently very soon.

Human Clare wasn't armed, nor armoured. He had bare feet and empty hands. His clothes were some variety of uniform, but they also resembled pyjamas. It seemed to Xoan that this match was going to be a ridiculously easy victory.

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Challenge #02657-G100: Opposites Do...

Darkness without light is the void. Light without darkness is blinding. They are intertwined, for one cannot see the truth without them. -- Anon Guest

Light and Dark are fundamental elements of reality. Without light, an observer cannot know what darkness is. Without dark, one cannot see at all. Without either, there is no way to tell what else might be lingering about. There's a reason why so many creation mythologies begin with the making of light.

Far, far too many wielders

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