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Challenge #03496-I208: Parenting is a Trial

Parent 1 - "And who do you want to sit with?"

Child - "Parent 2!"

Parent 2 - "Here's a seat."

Parent 1 - "Would you like a hug?"

Child - "No!"

Parent 1 - "Oh, OK." -- Anon Guest

[AN: Funny story time. When Miss Chaos (youngest spawn) started her first day of Official School, I asked her if she wanted a hug. Her exact words: "Shut up." Kids'll murder you. Heart first.]

Parenting has its rewards, but they're not where you think they are. And whoever's the primary parental rarely gets the recognition they deserve. But you don't raise a kid for the kudos. You raise them because you made a choice to nurture a human being with their own life path and future. To show this tiny little blob who needs all the time how to go forth and help with the needs of others.

There's times when it all seems worth it. And other times when you just have to weather the kid's eccentricities and moods and find a new equilibrium. It's never picture perfect, and that's okay.

Being a good Rennie, I can safely say I at least try to do all of that with Mr Four-years-old. But lately? Lately his favourite is Dad. It shows.

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