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Challenge #02832-G275: A Life Saver

The human's small ship carried several havenworlder families as they were heading on the normal space station to home-world run. However, an unseen micrometeorite managed to hit a vulnerable spot and the ship went down hard on one of the moons that orbited their system's only gas giant. The moon itself had a breathable atmosphere, with a minimal filter, and was not unknown to the havenworlders whose people had been starting to mine it, but that facility was all but on the other side of this rock from where they were.

Unfortunately the human, who was alive, but only semi-conscious, badly injured, and almost completely unable to move, would be of little help. In fact, they would have to be the ones to save their human friend, and get themselves, and their human, to safety. -- Anon Guest

Human Kip could not feel a thing. This could be either very good or very bad. "...'s my brain in a jar or something?" This was something of a common joke among Humans who had lost sensation in most of their body.

"Your body is intact," said Companion Zarg. "Technically." Zarg appeared to just hear what ze said and corrected hirself. "You are very injured, but it is not immediately life-threatening. We have temporarily made you incapable of movement or feeling pain below the neck."

Human Kip absorbed this with fortitude. It wasn't, after all, as if they could do anything about it. "Okay. Good news, bad news, time. Good news, I'm alive. Bad news is, for how long?"

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