Extended Shitpost

A 1-post collection


my morning got off to a lovely start at fuckit in the morning when Beloved came home and woke me up by going to bed

then i spent the rest of the morning trying to get back to sleep

only to finally have a dream about the alarm going off and actually waking me up TWO FUCKING MINUTES before the alarm actually went off

i’ve already had my coffee of the day and it’s not fucking working

the printer won’t obey me

i’m low on spoons

my back hurts despite the brand fucking new posturepedic mattress we got

my feet hurt before i even got out of bed

i currently have two modes - capslock and lowercase

you do not want capslock

if i try to sleep now i will fuck up my internal clock even worse

i need new shoes

the money i actually got back from the tax man is going straight on clothes for the kids and food for the family and i will likely never see it when i’m financially stable enough to save for my cosplay

i’ve been using all my energy to catch up on the backlog of words i owe on KFZ and it shows because nobody has bought any of my for-profit books in a FIRKIN MONTH

i don’t have the spoons for punctuation or capital letters

i need a massive tax free windfall or tony abbott to turn up at my door and ask me what i need him to do to win my vote

and i would say: stand there with your legs apart and your eyes closed

and i would kick him in the nards so hard he’d get a nosebleed

and then tell him i’d never vote for him even if he paid me

but we all know none of that is going to happen so pleh

i got things i want to get done things i need to fetch things i need to do

and fuck all spoons


i’m doing the bare minimum today and spending the rest of it on popcorn, bad television, and animal crossing: new leaf