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Challenge #02255-F065: We Welcome

The Hive of _________ could rule themself lucky. Enough food, no immediate threats and a happy broodmother.

All is well and quiet, until they need to integrate a human onboard one of their ships.

Even the drones are confused. They don't have a hive-system? They aren't born with their duties and jobs?

Just some casual integration on a Hiveship. What could go wrong? -- Anon Guest

Ysoptae Hive Identity Flitterfell was informed that they had to welcome a non-Ysopt into their Hiveship. Special dimensions were sent to them, making their burrows larger so this outsider could have access to all function areas. Speculation ran rampant amongst the subgroups of the hivemind. The argument about what sort of colony these enlargements could accommodate. The discussion of the idea 'singular'.

Outsiders, non-hives, used 'singular'. They didn't say we are, they said, I am. They were not us, they were me. They were not many, they were one. It was impossible. Every intelligence recognised that many were needed for decent cogent functioning. How could an individual exist without assignment on hatching towards the purpose of the all-function?

They would, they collectively supposed, find out soon. The Hiveship docked with an Outsider station and the Flitterfell readied themselves to welcome... their guest. This was a 'one', with Outsider configurations for higher gravity. Files from the Outsiders indicated that this was a 'petite' form of Human. A sample chosen from the greater conglomerate for their ability to... fit... They were known as Yang. They had no broodmother. They had no colonial subjugates. They had... they had no team.

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