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All together again

Miss Chaos returned home, last night, and to celebrate - we had fish and chips. Well. The little darlings had fish and chips. Beloved and I simply had grilled fish with a healthy dollop of Aoli.

Today, it's back to stew and whatever I can afford until such time as we get another influx of protein. And I have to rattle on up to the health shops to get some actual eggs.

I know. You're thinking, "As opposed to... plastic eggs?"

For reals, though, the industrial egg market is a firkin rip off. A lot of alleged "free range" eggs are from chooks that get to glance at the sun for maybe an hour, and then it's back in the barn and eating corn. Those are not actual eggs. They're forgeries. And you can usually tell by the speckles on the shell and how firkin fragile the shells are.

I actually compared some actual eggshells to the forgery eggshells. And you can see with the naked eye which one is thicker. Spoilers. It's the actual eggs.

So don't buy speckled eggs that say they're free range. Fuck that noise. You know they're corn fed and the chooks are unhealthy. The worst offender by far is Sunny Queen. Never buying from that pack of arseholes again.

Plus it's a shock to tap a SQ egg expecting actual eggshell resistance and find out you nearly firkin smashed the thing.

This is ethical omnivorism. Preferring that the chooks that lay your eggs actually live and eat like they might have before they were domesticated. Let them out in the sunshine: to browse, scratch, dust-bathe... that kind of noise. It's better for the chooks and it's better for the eggs they lay, and therefore better for your good self.

Eggs are the perfect food, according to Keto. They're one of the few ones that are completely carb free. Unless you get unhealthy eggs from corn-fed chooks. That said, if you don't have the choice... you don't have a choice. I recognise that there's loads of areas where the only eggs you get are from chooks in a cage. Or they're the only ones you can afford. But if you have a choice? Go for it.

And now that that rant's over with, I have to go do the money-and-food-run.